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Joining is easy!

Our chapter includes the areas of Ashburn Village, Ashbrook, Regency, Cameron Chase, Belmont Country Club, University Center, the Courts and Ridges, and more.

You are welcome to attend two group activities or meetings prior to joining. This does not include the playgroups or MOMS night out. After the second activity or meeting, we ask that you please make the decision to join. We know that joining the MOMS Club of Ashburn Village Area will be one of the easiest decisions you can make!

Your annual membership dues of $25 enable you to participate in MOMS Club playgroups, group activities, business meetings, and all other MOMS Club activities. This includes receiving our monthly newsletter and calendar.  Dues pay for room rentals, supplies, and programs. Dues are kept low to encourage membership, and if paying dues is a hardship, please see a Board member who can help.

There are many opportunities in our club to meet other members and make new friends! The best way to meet and make great friends is to become involved. Below is a list of the committees that we have available to all of our members, and a short description of each one. We ask that everyone be involved with at least one committee from the following list. Of course, you can always help out on other committees as well if you choose. These activities require only a small time commitment though the benefits they provide are tremendous!

More information about each committee is provided on your registration forms.

  • Group Activities Committee: Help plan our monthly calendar by organizing events and outings, also this committee plans our chapter parties

  • Welcome Committee: Help our MVP greet new and potential members.

  • Sunshine Committee: Provide meals or other help for MOMS after the birth of a child or other family event.

  • Baby Club Committee: This group is special for mothers that have infants and want to do activities specific for that age. Each month is a new activity in which the infants may participate

  • Special Interest Group Leaders: Leads the groups that meet monthly with a special theme (i.e., Cooking Club, Book Club, Walking Club, Baby Club). Creates new ideas for each monthly activity for their group

  • Service Project Committee: Give ideas for service projects in which the club can participate. Does research via phone and email to find out what is involved and recruits members to do the project

  • Babysitting Co-op Committee: Meets monthly to arrange babysitting for one another during upcoming appointments, date nights, or other times our children cannot come with us. The monthly meeting is designed so that the children can play while the moms can get to know one another, see how our children get along, and then decide who might be able to swap babysitting. All babysitting is done on a point system so that no money has to be exchanged

  • Newsletter Committee: Pulls together all information that needs to be printed in our monthly newsletter and emails it to the group

  • Playgroup Committee: Leads the playgroup they are in by making the monthly schedule of hosting and making arrangements for playgroup outings

  • Board Members: The board members are the leaders of the MOMS Club of Ashburn Village Area as a whole and are the liaisons between all members and our sister at National. The board positions are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, and Secretary

For more information or to receive registration forms, please contact us at ashburnmomsclub@yahoo.com.


Come meet some new friends and see if we are right for you!





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