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MOMS Club of Ashburn Village Area offers a variety of fun activities every month that are free or low-cost. We try to incorporate social and learning activities for both kids and moms. Our goal is to offer at least one group activity and a playgroup for you and your children each week. Click here to view a sample calendar. Some group activity examples include:

  • Playgroups

  • Park days

  • Movie days

  • Coffee at a local coffeehouse

  • Playground trips

  • Ice cream socials

  • Zoo or farm days

  • Trips to museums

  • Craft clubs

  • Cooking clubs

  • Fire station tours

  • Business meetings

  • Moms night out


We offer playgroups so the kids can have fun and the mommies can socialize. All members are encouraged to join a playgroup. Some groups are by children's ages, and some groups are for all ages. Older and younger siblings are always welcome. Playgroups may be held in members' homes, parks, or at scheduled activities. Our playgroups provide friendship, fun and socialization for children as well as moms.


We hold monthly meetings to plan upcoming activities and discuss happenings within the club. Our meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month. We schedule speakers and discussions pertinent to raising children, alternating each month between a craft and a guest speaker. Prospective members are always welcome at the meetings to give them the opportunity to meet MOMS Club members, ask questions, and understand what we're all about. Children are welcome, too!

Moms Night Out

We schedule at least one moms night out each month. We like going out to dinner, to a coffee shop, a movie, or just relaxing with the other moms getting to know a side of them they may not show with their children around! Children are always welcome.

Community Service

Because we care about the community in which we raise our children, we complete at least one community service project a year. We select causes or groups that focus on families and children in our local area.

Club Committees

Members may become even more involved by joining one of our committees, such as the Welcome Committee Activities Committee or the Sunshine Committee, which supports other moms during times of need!

We also have various family outings and holiday parties throughout the year!


Playgroups offer our children the opportunity to learn how to socialize with others not only by playing with other kids, but also by watching the way we moms interact with each other.





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